The following is a list of contributors with commit privileges that have directly contributed to the project in one way or another.

Name Company Email Role
Andrew Purtell Salesforce PMC
Ankit Singhal Hortonworks PMC
Anoop Sam John Intel PMC
Devaraj Das Hortonworks PMC
Eli Levine Salesforce PMC
Enis Soztutar Hortonworks PMC
Gabriel Reid NGDATA PMC
James Taylor Salesforce PMC
Jeffrey Zhong Elementum PMC
Jesse Yates Tesla PMC
Josh Elser Hortonworks PMC
Josh Mahonin Interset PMC
Lars Hofhansl Salesforce PMC
Maryann Xue Intel PMC
Michael Stack Cloudera PMC
Mujtaba Chohan Salesforce PMC
Nick Dimiduk Icebrg PMC
Pedro Boado Santander UK PMC
Rajeshbabu Chintaguntla Hortonworks PMC
Ramkrishna Vasudevan Intel PMC
Ravi Magham Elementum PMC
Samarth Jain Netflix PMC
Sergey Soldatov Hortonworks PMC
Simon Toens Salesforce PMC
Steven Noels NGDATA PMC
Thomas D’Silva Salesforce PMC
Vincent Poon Salesforce PMC
Cheng Lei Sogou Committer
Cody Marcel Salesforce Committer
Dumindu Buddhika University of Moratuwa Committer
Ethan Wang Salesforce Committer
Geoffrey Jacoby Salesforce Committer
Jan Fernando Salesforce Committer
Karan Mehta Salesforce Committer
Kevin Liew Simba Technologies Committer
Ohad Shacham Yahoo Research, Oath Committer

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